AA Behind Bars_James M_Dec 2018

When I first got to Promentory I started going to a lot of meetings. Tried to do 90 meetings in 90 days, and now have been going for a year. I’m not making every meeting but most of them. The thing is here we have a hard time having a home group but for me the volunteers that bring the meetings into this prison feel a lot like my home group. During the last year I have gotten to know the people and who they are and a little about their stories. Every night of the week I get to see a new person of my home group and find out how they are doing and listen to them, and they get to listen to me! It seems like a family relationship almost! Anyway my point is that the love and dedication that these volunteers put into their programs show in the way they bring the meetings with their experience, strength and hope to this prison! I personally want to thank them all! I know that when I am released from this place that my home is in A.A. and there is almost a meeting on every corner. My hope is to one day be able to come back and be one of the volunteers bringing meetings into this prison or other correctional facilities! I so thank you guys for being so open, honest and free with your stories and helping me feel so at home and right where I need to be.

-James M.

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