In Memory of Mike O_Oct2018

Michael Eric Ohlson was born in Salt Lake City on Dec 29, 1943 to Eric Alfred Lorenzo Ohlson and Bessie Marie Rodberg. He was the older brother to two sisters. Mike left this world on Aug 31, 2018 on his own timetable. He spent 3 days on life support before briefly awaking to give kisses, hugs, and say, “I love you and goodbye” to all of his children, family, and many of his friends. We will miss this honorable man with a great sense of humor, charm, and generosity.

Mike was a recovered alcoholic and for over 33 years he served as a sponsor and mentor to many men and women in recovery. He was also very active in serving those in search of recovery. Most recently he was serving as Coins Chair at Central Office, and will be missed as a volunteer there on Tuesdays.

We love you Mike!

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