AA Behind Bars – Anthony B_Oct 2018

It was a nice warm day a few clouds in the sky. Today was like any other day in Salt Lake City Utah. I was relaxing alone with my thoughts. In the grass and the sun shining down on my face. I was finally truly at the end of my rope. Lost 4 family members I truly absolutely loved and cared about. I know that every hair on our head is numbered. And when God calls our number we can try to fight, but we all know God always wins. So here I am, sad like always, just sitting down thinking about my mom. Thinking I truly have nothing to live for. Except my son Kota. Thinking what a life I’m living being sad 24-7 so I got to the point. I don’t want to live anymore. Thinking best way to go – suicide by cop. Looking up. We all know if you watch a cloud they most likely don’t just disappear. They most likely hang around even a few minutes. So – not sure if I was seeing things or I was seeing the unbelievable. It’s hard to tell my story because it brings tears to my eyes. I was looking in the sky. God creates words or things we understand. Everyone’s different. That’s why our lord shows us different on how he does things. As I was looking up, I was seeing people. Angels playing soccer in the sky. At first I was thinking, “am I losing my mind?” God showed myself in words/vision that I could understand. I love soccer just like my son does. So I’m looking at these clouds/angels forming people. I start to form a smile. For the first time in almost 9 years of not understanding why God does things. I still don’t to this day, but you know, when we take our children to their soccer games, football games etc. we just sit back and watch them happily. Well here I was looking up in the sky watching these angels playing soccer, and in the bottom corner I saw my lord and Savior smiling watching his children playing. Since that day I realize I do have a personal Savior and his name is Jesus Christ. This is my testimony,

-Anthony B.

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