AA Behind Bars – Wes H_Sept 2018

I value my sobriety. I Know what I want in my life today. I know where my values stand and I choose to stay clean today. The true value for me is the drive to stay clean and it’s because when looking at where I’ve been in my life, it’s a bad nightmare. It takes a lot more effort to keep my sobriety then what it ever was for me to use. Today is different for me and it’s because I turned all my additive behaviors over to the care of my higher power. I asked God to help me to understand myself as a man with an addictive additude. The will for change is the hardest challenge I’ve had to do. The only way I feel I can do this is by being sober each and everyday. Anyone who knows me will say I was hell on wheels. I had no breaks. I did everything full throttle to the end. Today I have to do things Gods way. Not perfectly, but to the point of not using alcohol or any drugs. And it’s because I wish to live a life in a sober way. I’m liken how I’m feeling clean. It’s something I’ve never been a part of for a very long time. I still struggle with bad health issues, but today I’m not drinking my sorrows. I’m dealing with life on life’s terms, and it’s all thanks to the ones who are there for us when we are in need. I thank you for not giving up on me.

Sincerely, Wes H.

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