AA Behind Bars – Riley D_Aug2018

Hi, my name is Riley. In my journey for a solution, I did the whole “relocation” thing from Ogden, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada. Immediately I found myself homeless and desperate for home. Desperate enough to try to cheat some serious people involved in check fraud against a major casino. They caught on and I had to go. With my life in danger, I hid behind the Clark County Rescue Mission. Overwhelmed by the reality of my situation, I was reminded of my brother. The hopelessness of my situation took on a whole new meaning with him in mind. I was consumed with sadness at the thought of seeing my brother again. I’d pissed off some serious people and this was the end for me. I was going to die. I prayed and something strange happened…The thought “just walk” came to me, so I got up and started to walk home…500 miles away to Ogden City! In six weeks I never thought of this and even now looking back it still sounds irrational to even attempt to walk home, especially with nothing and being as malnurished as I was. Two long days on the road and my situation became much worse. It was hot, I was tired and on this second day I could NOT get a ride. I tried everything. In the middle of nowhere, just north of Hurricane, Utah I started to cry. Not your average crying either. I began to cry out loud, sobbing as I prayed. “HEY!” someone said. Suddenly bewildered, I looked around a desert full of nothing but sage brush, when a man emerged from the brush to my right and asked me “Are you ok?” (Can you imagine, crying your eyes out like a baby alone in the desert and a man pops out of a bush?) “Am I going to die?” I asked, to which he replied, “Do you believe in God?” “I was just talking to him” I admitted. He invited me over to him. This man had everything I needed, food, water, and even sewing needles and sinew to sew my broken strap on my backpack. He stitched up my backpack, and as I ate we talked and at no point did I question what was going on. Once I was on my way, I made it 30 feet when someone gave me a ride. Sobriety came to me much the same way. I fought for a solution with all I had! Completely defeated, I surrendered after a 20 year fight. Again, God put people in my life that had everything I needed. Suggestions… solutions… “God is suddenly doing for me what I could not do for myself” I guess just hearing those words wouldn’t do it, you’d have to experience it. So if you’re tired of fighting, I have a suggestion that might work for you too…surrender. Stop fighting. Give up and even if you don’t believe, Pray. – Riley D.

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