My Alcoholism is a Thinking Disease!! What!?? Jeremy M_Apr 2018

That statement stood out to me at a meeting I was attending. A sponsor from the outside world came and said we need to live from our heart not our head. It all started to make sense. All of my life I’ve wanted to situate life my way. People, places and things. Always pointing out the flaws in others and in life in general. Failing to see how much of a mess my life was. How insane is that? I now have more peace of mind allowing others to be as they are knowing we are all god’s children. Anyways it’s not my job to be god. I’m but a servant, and if I feel prompted to be of service then thy will be done! I’m now learning we give what we get from life so I wish everyone Happiness, Love and good Fortune. God bless All – Thank you

-Jeremy M.

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