Letter to Lifeline – Matthew J_ Apr 2018

What you do is try to quit drinking. You keep practicing but without support, excuses turn into severe consequences. Young men and women who have people that love them, go away for too long, loose what loved them and what they loved. The amount of people who talk to you, who care about you, slim and far between. Disappear into a system with others dealing with the dark reality of addiction and excess. I question why I didn’t have the agency to reach out for support like what you can find with the A.A. fellowship. The Idea that like minded people can help each other stay strong. Types of forces working against us are powerful and mean. Continuing to keep us contemplating the hating of ourselves with insane negative addictions. Leading us away from satisfaction and peace in our lives. You can’t listen to a higher power’s guidance or feel what’s really important when you’re drunk. What makes sense is having friends, like-minded people, sponsors and staying strong in Alcoholics Anonymous.

-Matthew J.

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