The Lost Traveler – Poem by Sam S_Dec 2017

One morning, upon awakening

On a city bus bench…………. Angry, disoriented, disgusted and drenched

Too distraught to travel, another single inch

I didn’t know where I was going

Wasn’t quite sure where I had been

You see, I’d lost my ticket along the way

As hassles and plots thickened

Attempting to shift the blame

I justified every little thing

Implicating both foes and friends

As the reason the saga began

Then, reality struck, like lightening In the midst of stormy weather

A voice from the wind whispered “look within

For only you can chose to be better”.

So, I made a vow, with my head unbowed

To first pull my self together….

Empowered by choice, indecision was deposed

I took control of body, mind and soul….

Sam S. Wasatch Facility – Utah State Prison 

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