Remembering Jim T – Sandra M_Jan 2018

I met Jim Timmons at the 3:00pm misfit toys meeting at the Alano club in 2013. I honestly don’t think I would be sober or alive for that matter without this man! He took me under his wing. He was my sober and spiritual giant! He had a very kind but stern way about him that made me stop and think. Jim and I soon became very close. Father daughter type relationship. He always knew when I was feeling not so good, and always knew exactly what to do and say to put my thinking on a more positive path. His memory lives on in my heart! When I am feeling troubled about something all I have to do is think about what he would have said to me and my entire outlook changes. I owe so much of my strength to this man’s influence and impact he had on my life!! I will forever treasure my memories I have with him. I love and miss you Jim!

-Sandra M

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