What You Believe – Sade LK_Nov 2017

What if all of life weren’t such a fragile thing-

And all of time spent kept locked on loop eternally,

But all the while still perceived equally as fleeting

As the first flash of eyelashes batting softly back to sleep,

And that first dream that lasted light-years-

But woke to know no longer than a gleam-

In the eyes of someone dying,

Who must first close their eyes to see.

And all your enemies and loved ones flew like angels overhead,

To watch over you in all you do As if they all were dead.

But there’d be no sorrow, piercing grief or remorseful pounding thoughts-

If you knew that truly they were all much better off.

So you’re stuck down here alone and wand’ring endlessly around.

Cause this earth may have a lot of land,

But you still can’t find common ground.

What if all of life weren’t balanced-

If we had good without the bad.

Don’t you think life would be futile

If monotony is all we had?

If no sorrow became apathy, no anger became boring,

Then we’d all be trapped right back to the other side which they all tried to hide from in the beginning. What if all the animals and plants retook the earth.

And all the oceans rose up to swallow all that we considered “worth.”

If the mountains shook the ground and lava turned us to ash- we burned.

Our embers became forgotten,

Like our screams were never heard.

What if the sun and moon were the only gods that we lived by-

And we all worshiped this world as a gift from the sky.

Cause we all are breathing the same air,

Drinking water from different tides.

But the same sun will rise tomorrow,

The same moon will shine tonight.

We’re all spinning around aimlessly-

While all staying in the same spot.

And there’s nothing in this universe I can control except my thoughts.

We all continue living, dying, creating and some destroy.

If we all lived in a perfect world- Then none would ever know joy.

If we want the world to heal

We must first stop inflicting hurt.

And you can learn to live and love

Through every truth you’ve heard.

If everybody cared, we’d be the change we want to see.

Existence is an endless question- Infinite mystery… It can only be what you make it, It can only be what you believe. -Sade LK, Alcoholic

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