Finding Hope In A.A. – Anonymous_Lifeline Nov 2017

I started drinking when I was fourteen. Like with many A.A.s it started out as taboo recreation, however, early on I was an excessive drinker. I didn’t stop at just enough to catch a buzz. I consumed alcohol until there was none left. I didn’t see it as a problem at the time. I thought everyone drank like I did. Even as an adult, when celebrating, the goal was oblivion. I often went to parties without a contribution, and my hosts and friends quickly became tired of the rate at which I consumed alcohol. In my mid 20s I had alienated the grand majority of the people I associated with. My nights were spent at work, and my working hours were spent consuming the most inexpensive, yet most potent alcohol. In my final months before incarceration I can’t recall many sober days. Eventually my alcoholism bled into work hours as well. I know it is cliche, but prison literally saved my life. But even behind chain link and razor wire I found ways to numb out reality, including home brewed hooch. At last, after a UA scare, something snapped in me and I knew I had to do something different or I would die in prison. A friend recommended A.A. I was familiar with twelve step groups, so I gave it a shot. But this isn’t a Cinderella story. I only have six months of total sobriety, but it has been the most rewarding six months of the last decade. I have my higher power and fellow A.A.s to thank for this blessing. I still crave using when things get tough, but I only have to be sober today. I let tomorrow take care of itself.


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