AA Behind Bars: Finding Hope for a New Life – Sean_Nov 2017

My name is Sean. I am writing from the Utah State Prison and am in the Conquest Drug Program and am getting ready to graduate the program in a couple of weeks and then be released shortly after that. I am from Ogden UT and have tried doing parole there in the past and as it turns out it’s just not a good place for this alcoholic/addict. When I violated my parole Aug 19, 2016 I figured I would do my violation and go right back to doing what I do again. I started going to AA and working with some great people who bring us hope each week. After a few months things started changing in my heart and mind. I started to want what these people had. Fast forward to today a year later and I have a solid plan. When I leave this place in a short time, I am going to a sober living in SLC. I know exactly what meeting I will attend the Tuesday I get out, and look forward to a Sunday morning meeting that Craig, Kristen and Pine have told me so much about. I cannot thank these three enough. They have given me hope, they have treated me with nothing but respect, and all three I consider among my closest friends today. If you are feeling hopeless go to a meeting and find someone who has what you want, ask them how you can get it. If you are doing good and are wondering how you can give back please consider coming out to the prison to chair meetings. I can only imagine what my plans might have been when I leave here if I hadn’t met these three heroes a year ago. Now with their help I feel like I am in a much better place today and know I can make it out there sober and clean one day at a time, and I can’t wait to meet everyone at the Sunday morning meeting.

Respectfully, Sean

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