AA Behind Bars: A Women’s Perspective – Natalie_Oct2017

Hi, I am a grateful alcoholic. I never knew this day would come, only because I have drank most of my adult life. I thought my life was wonderful. Me and the drink took over 30 years to get stuck together. Jack, Jim, and the favorite was Sunny Brook. Life took a wide detour towards a big wake-up called rude awakening. I now sit in a nice room with others who have been in the same dilemma as myself. I receive strength by coming to our Thursday Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. It brings hope to another young alcoholic or addict when I see new comers who embrace this program. Being here in prison has its ups and downs, however I can manage to cope with everyday problems without reaching hopelessness. I’m able to endure this on Life’s terms. A.A. has given this native woman courage, strength, and hope to live without alcohol. I thank my Creator for giving me this second chance. Also the system. I have 4 years of recovery. I am happy these days. -Natalie

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