What is a Volunteer? Salt Lake Central Office_Aug2017

A person who performs a service willingly, especially helping other people and without pay. Salt Lake City AA Central Office is open 6 days a week – Monday thru Saturday. Each day a Volunteer Coordinator arrives at 10:00am to open the door and turn on the lights. At this time, there is a different Coordinator for each day – no one person is doing double duty. On most days additional volunteers offer their time in hour by hour increments, for example, 10:00am to noon, 3:00pm to 5:00pm, etc. As the volunteers gather, an informal AA meeting inevitably takes place. If you are in the neighborhood, please join us. Each of the Volunteer Coordinators is responsible for assuring the normal office tasks (general cleaning, trash removal, etc., etc.) are attended to. We want our group members who visit us to feel welcome and comfortable….. As …contributions are received from our groups, the coordinators enter them into our accounting system. The most important tasks facing the Volunteer Coordinators and the many part-time volunteers are the sales of literature published by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc. and AA Grapevine Inc., and the sale of coins/tokens celebrating significant periods of sobriety. As we do with our contributions, when a sale is made the volunteers enter the transaction into our accounting system. When the inventory gets low on any of the items mentioned above, the Volunteer Coordinator(s) notify the appropriate Committee Chairperson, for example our Salt Lake AA Central Office Literature Chairperson, of the shortage. Of equal value, or even more important, is answering the telephone calls made to Salt Lake City AA Central Office. A majority of the calls are from members of the many anonymous groups seeking information concerning meeting times and meeting locations. Occasionally we get that life changing call from the still suffering person that just needs to talk to someone willing to listen. Thank God we have volunteers willing to take the time to perform this life saving service. If you are reading this and you would like to become a volunteer, have we got a deal for you!!! Please call our Volunteer Chairperson (Tuesday, 10:00am to 5:00pm at 801-484-7671) or e-mail volunteer@saltlakeaa.org.

Thank You – Jim C., Chris, Mel, Rusty, Bob, Kristen, Mike, Sandy, John, KB, Clark, Hank, Willy, Jim S., Joel, Charlie, Ben, Lorraine, Tripp, Shurone and Frances.

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  1. Doug R, Chair of the Board of Directors Reply

    And what a great bunch of people our volunteers are! We are the only major Central Office that is ran only with volunteers! And I highly encourage you all to stop in and have a cup of coffee and an informal AA Meeting. Extend your gratitude to those that are so dedicated in seeing that your Central Office continues to run smoothly! Maybe even volunteer to cover the phones or help customers find literature. It’s a blast to be part of the solution!

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