AA Behind Bars: A Prisoner’s Perspective – Sean H_Aug2017

Carrying the Message: My name is Sean H. and I’m an inmate at Utah State Prison. I’m an alcoholic/ addict. I’m a resident of the conquest program in the prison due to my charges which are possession of heroin and attempted possession of heroin. I have served in other parts of the prison and in most places in prison you are lucky to get 1 or 2 twelve step meetings a month. Where I am, I’m blessed to get 14 twelve-step meetings per week. The folks who bring the meetings to us are absolute heroes. They bring us the hope & strength I needed. When I got back to prison a year ago, I was in the worst shape of my using life. This relapse was my worst. Slowly as each meeting passed I started to find hope. After a few months my great friend Pine started coming in and words cannot express all I have learned from him. Somehow what he said clicked and everything changed. I went from not having hope for a sober future, to having solid plans and a way to achieve these goals sober, one step at a time. Thanks to Pine and Kristin with the Bridging the Gap Program, I can and will make it to an AA meeting the day I go home, and when I leave this place this time, I can make it my last. One step at a time, one day at a time. Respectfully Sean H.

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  1. Annette Reply

    Thank you for the good you do for these men and women who struggle so much. I know Sean H. I am proud of his progress this last year as he has been incarcerated and look forward to a better future for him, filled with hope. I am thankful to men like Pine who set such good examples for them. For the first time, I too have hope…

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