Area 69 Pre-Conference Assembly – Evan J_May 2017

My name is Evan, I am an alcoholic. I wanted to share with you my unexpected experience at the area 69 pre-conference: Friday, April 7th. I arrived at the hotel and checked in with Devin C., the registrar cool guy, and was assigned to work with corrections in a round table fashion. Imagine being assigned to corrections, I had only been in Jail 17 times. We went over the items on the agenda with John w., the corrections chair. We concluded the evening with the responsibility declaration. Saturday, April 8th. We began the day with a moment of silence. Our secretary Kurt J. read the minutes from the February committee meeting, a financial report by Kristen D., then roll-call. This is when I realized the significance of my presence. To represent my home group and voice their opinion was an honor. I had a name tag. It was official. Never in my life has anyone asked me to represent any group. I was able to comment on all five of the agenda items that our group discussed. Information is so important. We do have a voice and it needs to be heard. That day we spoke about unity, safety in meetings, fellowship, love and tolerance, the importance of the 7th tradition, service at any level, working with newcomers and helping them feel welcome. We snuck in motions to be considered and voted on a few. The group went through all agenda items and listened to all opinions without any arguments. It was unreal. I learned how the voting process works at the group level. I was able to acquire a service sponsor who explained to me some of the terms and processes we go through. After dinner we re-convened and listened to a guest speaker. The evening ended with the responsibility declaration. Sunday, April 9th. Matt D. and Devin C. lead a GSR presentation; they reviewed duties, obligations and the importance of the GSR position. We had a sobriety countdown. There was close to a thousand years of sobriety in the room, almost an ice age. Next our guest speaker Devin C. shared his Experience, Strength and Hope. Devin seemed very passionate about the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Then the “Ask it Basket”, where we asked the board questions about either the program or sobriety. It was all from the heart. We ended the day before noon with the responsibility declaration. The experience was unexpected. There wasn’t a moment when I was uncomfortable, bored, or irritated. It was simple. More was revealed to me. I love service. The opportunity my home group provided was just what my program needed. Crazy how that works. Rad!!

Your Humble Trustee, Evan

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