From Your Chair – January 2017

My name is Doug, alcoholic and sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous since January 14, 1983. I want to thank the CO Reps for giving me the honor of becoming the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of SL Central Office, Inc. I am very grateful to be able to serve, to attempt to pay back to this incredible Fellowship for everything that has so freely been given me. Welcome to the new Trustees; Kevin & Evan and our new Alternate Trustee Bob G. I look forward to working with you all in this upcoming panel.

I’ve asked our newly elected officers to write an introductory article. Next month I will ask the newly elected Committee Chairs to do the same thing and I will committee to writing an article for the Lifeline on a monthly bases.

My hope is to continue the spirit of cooperation and communication with all of the groups and districts that Central Office is here to serve. As our A.A. Service Manual suggests on page S41 in the section titled Working with Local Intergroups and Central Offices. “Traditionally, general service committees and intergroup/central offices have performed different functions. Central Offices provide local services; general service committees maintain the link between A.A. groups and the A.A. Service Board by means of the Conference. So these two separate but vital service structures coexist in many areas in mutual cooperation and harmony.”

I’m feeling overwhelmed, a little intimidated. Haaa I must be poised for some growth!


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