Fearless – Aimee M_LifelineDec16


 It hasn’t been long since this has begun

But this feeling makes me feel strong

Started out a skeptic, but came out of my shell

Now I’m open and I feel I belong


I never knew this could be easy

Didn’t know these feelings I could feel

But at last I have opened my eyes

A now I know that this is real


I thought I’d hold back and just listen

But I will stand and share my burning desire

I feel closer than comfort will allow

And inside I’ll feel the heart of the fire


The return of memories, but I’m okay today

I can look inside of me at what I couldn’t before

The time has come to get through this

Now it’s time to unlock and open that door


Turning the key I will remember

When it’s in my face I will not resist

It’s time to face the pain inside

I realize now, these things do exist


I will look at it now even if I can’t let go

I will hold on tight for the gentle release

Slowly approaching the darkness contained

Knowing that the fear will finally cease


The strength is around me I’m safe from harm

I will search inside I will find my buried soul

I will pray today, “God it’s in your hands

Over how this turns out, I give you control”


-Aimee M, 90th & 32nd




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