Announcement from GSO re: Staff Opening

September 15, 2016

To:        Members of the General Service Conference

From:   Greg T, General Manager, General Service Office

Re:        G.S.O. Staff Opening

Dear Friends,

Applications are now being sought for a G.S.O. staff member. G.S.O. staff are members of Alcoholics Anonymous who rotate through the various assignments such as Corrections, Public Information, C.P.C., Conference, International, etc.  They also correspond with A.A.s on all aspects of recovery and service. Additionally, they represent the General Service Office at A.A. functions throughout the U.S. and Canada and provide the primary staff support for the General Service Board and the annual General Service Conference.

Desirable qualifications include excellent communication, organizational and computer skills, as well as the ability to work independently and as a team member. Fluency in French or Spanish is desirable. A.A. service experience will also be taken into consideration in addition to a willingness to relocate to New York City, if necessary. A minimum of six years sobriety is required. This opening will be available January 2017.

Attached is an “Application for Employment – A.A. Staff” that we hope you will share with members who are interested in serving on our staff and meet the basic requirements outlined above.

We will welcome applications up to November 15, 2016.  Interested members may apply via email:; fax (212) 870-3003; or postal mail.

Please address any questions regarding the nature of the job to Eva S, Staff Coordinator at (212) 870-3124 or Questions regarding benefits and related matters should be directed to Olga M, our Human Resources Director at (212) 870-3025.

For additional information regarding the General Service Office staff member position, please see the Feb/March 2005 Box 4-5-9 article, “G.S.O. Staff Member – A Job Like No Other” at

Your friends here join me in sending our gratitude and best wishes.

Please Note: The attachment “Application for Employment – A.A. Staff” can be obtained by contacting your groups’ General Service.


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