Step 7 – Anonymous – July2016

The main theme of Step Seven is the continued progression of Humility, which allows us to move closer to God by moving away from ourselves and the bondage of self.  Attaining greater humility is the foundation principle of each of A.A.’s Twelve Steps, and the key to happiness in our recovery. We have already become willing to develop humility when we did the first steps of admitting we were powerless over alcohol, and believing in and asking a Power greater than ourselves to restore us to sanity. If the humility required to do this worked to rid us of the obsession to drink, then it makes sense that there must be hope for the removal of any other problem, or defect, that we have.

I have found this experience of a Higher Power relieving character defects to be true in recovery.  My understanding of the impact of this step took time. It is interesting that many alcoholics, including myself, miraculously relieved of the devastating obsession to drink, one day at a time still find it hard to believe or understand that the same Higher Power will relieve us of our character defects, such as self-pity. It is difficult at times to be open-minded and willing enough to recognize these defects in ourselves. Even harder, is coming to realize that these defects are flaws which made problem drinkers of us in the first place and must be removed in order to preserve the sobriety we have been given. Thankfully, the prior steps (4,5,6) lead us to this enlightenment. And once we understand that some type of Fear is at the core of our defects, it often becomes easier to ask for help to have this fear removed.

As I saw myself change in ways I had never realized I could or perhaps, should, gratitude to my Higher Power grew. Spiritual peace and release became a beautiful gift, enhancing sobriety and giving newfound freedom. Total belief that one day at a time our Higher Power will help with defects and problems, if we are humble enough to ask, is a precious gift of beauty and depth, always ultimately preserving our daily sobriety.


—Anonymous, Salt Lake City


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