The Sixth Step – Kevin L_June 2015

The enigmatic Sixth Step, after the buildup to Step Four and the ceremony of Step Five, seemed lost to me the first time through…and second. Sitting quietly for an hour with nobody watching, nobody timing, nothing to turn in, felt just so anticlimactic. But living sober I’ve learned the gravity of Step Six and that being entirely ready to have God remove my defects of character is not a one ­time act for me but a continuous challenge. So I go on, progress not perfection.

By now I know that alcohol is a dire life or ­death deal for me: I don’t drink or I drink. I now know, too, that if I just don’t drink, I just don’t feel right, like I used to not feel right until I drank. Today, when I know in the pit of my stomach that I am up to no good, then I can ask for God’s help and be willing to let my best bad ideas go.

So am I willing to have God remove all of my defects of character? Yes – let him decide which ones should go, as he knows better than me. I do not have to decipher His strange design for me, just ask for His help, and listen for His answer.

Kevin L.

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