I Am A Sober Father – Spencer S_June 2015

I remember I always wanted to be a dad. Growing up I dreamed of having a son of my own one day.  I would teach him how to be a gentleman, play golf, work hard for the things he wants, to always be honest and not to take things for granted. Enjoy life!

When I was younger I thought by the time I had turned 25 I would have a wife, a few kids, a high paying job, so on and so forth. But alcohol and drugs seemed to over rule those aspirations. I struggled with alcohol for 15 years and created a great deal of wreckage along the way. I became very selfish and being responsible for another human being was completely out of the question. I eventually wised up when things got as bad as they did for me. I reached out and found a way with the help of and others and a higher power so I could overcome my addictions. My life changed almost instantly when I got sober. I had hope and acceptance for the first time in a very long time.

I met my loving wife in sobriety. We wed a couple years later and she got pregnant  a few years after that. I was terrified! Was I really going to be a dad? How could I live up to this? Questions I’m sure all soon to be fathers have. As my anxiety grew so did her belly. I would ask other dads things like, “how much did your life change” or “did you have to give up everything you enjoy doing?” Was I really ready to be a father?

August 2013 we had our baby boy. As soon as I saw his face all those questions and fears were erased. It’s something I can’t put into words but I’m sure many know and can relate to the joy of holding a newborn and feeling all its life generating from their tiny body.

I’m positive I couldn’t be the father I am today without sobriety. I enjoy every minute I spend with him. Watching him grow and learn so fast never ceases to amaze me. I’m proud to be a dad and grow older with this beautiful gift of raising children. Don’t get me wrong being a dad isn’t always easy but for me it’s worth it and I credit my sobriety for putting me in a position to be their for my baby boy. I love you son!

Spencer S.

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