Site redesign 2015

You may have noticed changes.  Not so subtle ones.  You’re not imagining it.

The Central Office of Salt Lake is getting a fresh new look.  The old look was nice, and over its 3 year run we received lots of very flattering comments which were greatly appreciated.  One glaring flaw, though, was the mobile device you’re likely reading this on.  Our (anonymous!) data shows that at least half of our visitors are on a phone, and the old look just didn’t work for small screens.  We used some hacks for awhile to make it work, but it wasn’t quite what worked best for what we’re trying to accomplish.

Please hang tight, the design isn’t done and we’re volunteers here.  If you’d like to contribute please use the contact form.

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  1. Gina F Reply

    God bless you on this challenging and amazing work. I love Central Office.

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