Dealing with Illness in Sobriety – Betsy M – April 2015

All of us in recovery have to deal with various levels of sickness, from the common cold to life-threatening illnesses. One gift of sobriety is having a choice in how we deal with loss of our physical health.

Our story began a few years ago when my husband was diagnosed with a very rare cancer. After a whirlwind of tests and some difficult decision-making, he had surgery and a long, rough regimen of chemo.

Throughout our ordeal, we were often overwhelmed with a gamut of feelings, from fear and anger to sheer defeat. I imagine most cancer patients and their families feel the same. We are, after all, human beings with a finite life here on this earth. Thankfully, though, we had tools we received in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. We placed the outcome in our Higher Power’s hands, worked the steps, and relied on our friends in the rooms. As my husband said, “We’ve beaten one life threatening disease so far, we can handle this one, too!” We are so grateful for our recovery and the rooms of AA. Without them, we are not sure how we would have gotten through his illness. I am happy to report that my husband is NED – “No Evidence of Disease.” Well, cancer anyway. He still has the disease of alcoholism, but that is another story for another day.

Betsy M

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