48th Annual PRAASA 2015 – Keeley M – April 2015

48th Annual Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly 2015 

PRAASA  is held in Utah only once every 15 years and this past March was our year! 1,243 members attended! My name is Keeley, I’m an Alcoholic and  the GSR for Sunday Morning Breakfast Meeting.  I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to PRAASA!  I learned so much and met new friends from all over the Pacific region. I was asked to moderate the Young People’s Round Table Friday night.

WOW! What an amazing opportunity it was for me to get out of my comfort zone and be of service! We discussed topics such as: How to encourage Young People to get involved in General Service and  Teaching Responsibility and being Consistent in General Service, instead of just showing up to get a letter to host a PAA convention. Some of the main themes  I heard from the round table were about mutual communication, bridging the gap between Young People & General Service, Young People in General Service sharing our experience, strength and hope regarding General Service, and explaining and emphasizing the spiritual experience we get while participating and being a part of General Service. These are just a few items;  so much was discussed!

PRAASA  had a lot of different panels throughout the weekend and several topics were discussed, such as: AA celebrates 80 years of recovery from Alcoholism, How is our Solution still Relevant? and How could AA better use Technology to improve Communication?  Overall I left the weekend asking myself,  “am I doing my part in carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic? What can I do better?”  It starts with each member and each group.  I want this message to be available to anyone who wants it…because when I was ready to hear it,  the message was here for me. Today I have a new chance at life. I no longer feel that loneliness, the kind that only alcoholics feel. I can walk with purpose and look the world in the eye. I’m grateful to AA  so I want to do my part in carrying the message and making sure AA is available to any alcoholic that wants it. Thank you so much to everyone on the PRAASA  hosting committee; it was a spiritual and incredible weekend!

Keeley M.

Salt Lake City


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