From Your Chair – Wendy W – January 2015

Greetings Salt Lake Central Office! Happy winter, hope you’re enjoying the freakishly warm weather. Probably by the time you read this we’ll be buried under feet of snow, but for now, I’ll enjoy not needing a winter coat.

Well, the elections for the Standing Committees are done, and we have a number of people who have stepped up to the plate to keep reaching out to those who suffer. Pam H. will continue with Cooperation with Professional Community, Dave R. will continue with Corrections, Danny R. will continue coordinating the Hotline, Randy C. will continue with Treatment Facilities, Allison F. will be our new Literature Chair, Tim E. will be our new 12th Step Coordinator and Laura C. will be our new Public Information Chair. Thank you to all seven of you trusted servants for being willing to serve our community for the next two years. I look forward to watching the good things you accomplish.

The six positions that remain open are:

Activities – Coordinates our fellowship events, picnics, pot lucks and plain old whoopee parties. “Everybody knows that those in bad health, and those who seldom play, do not laugh much. So let each family play together…we are sure God wants us to be happy, joyous and free.”

Archives – Our historian. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Newsletter – Creates and distributes a monthly newsletter containing information such as calendar of events, Treasurer’s report, and other information.

Outreach – Helps keep communication flowing between groups that are not represented and the CO. Helps identify meetings that have gone dark, keeping the meeting schedule current. Facilitates the monthly All Groups meeting.

Volunteer – Recruits and schedules volunteers to staff the CO during operating hours and maintains a meeting schedule for the website and print distribution.

Website – Maintains CO’s website for members and individuals seeking information about A.A.

All of these positions have provided a vital, vibrant Central Office. The positions were created because the groups that make up the Central Office think they are necessary. It will up to you how the future of the Central Office evolves. What’s important to you?

In loving service,


December 15, 2014


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