Pass the Gavel – Words from our Out-going Delegate Walter Curry – 2014

The end of my term as Area 69 Delegate for Panel 63 is quickly approaching; I remember feeling joy and fear when I was elected like it was yesterday.

The joy of knowing that being elected meant that Area 69 AA members and God believed that I could do this job.  At the same time, I was so impressed with the job that my predecessor had done that I wondered if I could do as good a job as he did.  I want to thank Keith (Delegate, Panel 61) for all the help that he gave me along this journey.

I will always be thankful that I was given the opportunity to see the Conference process up-close and personnel.  I love the idea of the Conference buddy who is a Delegate that attended the General Service Conference the previous year.  The conference buddy is there to guide you through the conference process.  This meant that I was a conference buddy to someone my second year at the conference and I really enjoyed being a conference buddy.

Meeting the GSO staff and touring GSO is something that I would recommend to everyone.  Getting to know the Area 69 Districts and passing along information to and from them has allowed me to grow in ways that I could never have imagined.  The best thing that happened to me along this journey is that I made friends that I will always treasure.

The one thing that I know for sure is that I did not do this thing alone.  Working with Panel 63 (Area 69) has been a growing experience that will be with me forever.  As Delegate, I relied on the panel to help me with the process of passing along information.

Finally I would pass along the following to the new Delegate:

  1. Enjoy your time as Delegate.
  2. Make it your own (i.e., don’t try to be like your predecessor).
  3. Track and organize the paper work that you receive from GSO and others.
  4. Rely on Panel 65 members for help.
  5. Know your role as Delegate in order to pass along information effectively.

It has been my pleasure to serve as Area 69 Delegate for Panel 63.  Thank you Area 69 for allowing me to serve.

Walter Curry

Delegate, Area 69 Panel 63



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