From Your Chair – Wendy W – Oct 2014

As Douglas Adams said, I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by. And there goes another one. One of the deadlines coming up is in November when we’ll be electing a new Chair, Co-Chair and one Trustee for a 2-year term. Then in December, we’ll be electing 13 new trusted servants to the Committee Chairs for a 2-year term. That’s right, all 13 positions will be rotating. Activities, Archives, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Corrections, Hotline, Literature, Newsletter, Outreach, Public Information, Treatment Facilities, Twelfth Step, Volunteer and Website chairs will all be available as service positions. If you are currently serving and haven’t served a full term, you are eligible to stand for another term. If you aren’t currently serving and meet the required 2 years of continuous and immediate sobriety, you can stand for any of these positions.   Experience and knowledge are not necessary, just a willingness to serve. Trust me, you will have experience and knowledge by the time you’re through. There is information on each of these positions on the website, or on our own website, or from any of the currently serving Chairs.

How can we best strengthen the composition and the leadership of the future Salt Lake Central Office? We have only to look to ourselves, to “…the active people of today and the potential leaders of tomorrow as each new generation of able members swarms in. We have an abundance of men and women whose dedication, stability, vision and special skills make them capable of dealing with every possible service assignment. We have only to seek these folks out and trust them to serve us.” ~Bill Wilson, Leadership in AA: Ever a Vital Need

Thank you for letting me serve,

In loving service, Wendy

September 15, 2014


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