The Chair in the Corner – June 2014

Greetings Salt Lake Central Office! Warmth has generated some activity around the CO, including an exterior shrubectomy by the landlord. There’s been another spate of chairectomies as well, our open positions include Public Information, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Twelfth Step and Bylaws. These positions will all rotate in December, so if you’d like a service test run, now’s the opportunity.

A big Thank You to Shelly G for striding into the Secretary position. Her skills will be well appreciated, especially by the trustees who have been taking Secretary duty, thanks Mike O and Jason R for filling in.

The Bylaws ad hoc Committee has submitted their recommendation for changes, it’s a sleek, efficient model with a few big changes and lots of little ones. It’s available online along with the old version, and will be discussed and voted on at the June 10, 2014, CO Committee meeting.

The Annual Breakfast will be in Sugar House park this year on Sunday, June 8, looking forward to that. The best parts of the event are the meeting before and after, so come out and help set up and take down, all the cool kids are doing it.

I’m loving the energy at the CO when I come in on Saturday, there’s a sense of ownership by the members, which is as it should be. We serve together to help those not yet reached, and those fortunate enough to be here. Gratitude is an action, not a feeling. If you’re grateful to be living a sober life, come on down to the CO and express it.

—See you there, ww


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