Additions to the website

We make small changes to the website here and there to make things run better and information more accessible, but there are a couple recent ones that merit highlighting.

We have added a page containing the minutes from the monthly meetings of the Central Office Board of Trustees and the Central Office Committee.  Also on this page are financial reports and anything the individual committee chairs produce and present to the Central Office as a whole.  We don’t have a full digital back-catalog of these documents but should anyone care to volunteer for the task we’d be glad to have them.

There is also a form on the events page for anyone to submit an event for the main calendar.  Please keep in mind that our calendar is for official AA events: conferences, retreats, circuit speakers, etc.  Event descriptions and flyers must not contain full names or other personally identifiable information.  Submissions will be reviewed for compliance with traditions and guidelines, but this is an open process and always up for discussion.

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