From: The Chair in the Corner Nov 2012

Once again I find myself late with my submission for the Lifeline and our editor reminding that the 15th has come and gone.  It was a busy summer and already it feels like fall is here. If the color and location of the leaves in yard mean anything then fall is half over. The leaves are red and yellow and already lots of them are on my lawn. I think it was a good summer, it seems that there was always something going on. I don’t recall a summer where I spent less time wondering what will I do today, my plate always seemed to be overfull.  Thanks to all of you for your help and participation in the events put on by the Central Office.

On October 13 we had our first service workshop @ Central Office dealing with duties and experiences of our board and committee chairs. Several members showed up and expressed interest in working with and chairing on the committees and running for open board positions in November and December. Did I mention that elections for board positions will be in November at the Central Office Reps Meeting. Several positions are open including Chairman, Co-Chair, 1 Trustee and 2 Alternate Trustee positions. These positions are for 2 years and do require a little time, some energy and a commitment to make Central Office a better place for everyone. I feel like our team has done a very good job of laying the foundation and doing the ground work needed to make Central Office a great place to visit and an asset to not only the members of AA but to the Salt Lake Area as a whole. It is now time for a new team to take it to the next level and make it better than ever. I look forward to working with the new team as we continue this adventure.

In December we will be electing new committee chairs and getting ready for a new year. Please help us find the people we need. If you know someone you feel would be an asset encourage them to come and stand for the position vacancies.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving

Your Humble Servant

Nick R. Chairman of the Board

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