From: The Chair in the Corner, February 2012

What have I done on my days off lately? Saturday morning January 21,2012. After a short walk around the old neighbor hood Lucky (world famous Yellow Lab and ace pheasant finder) my trusty companion and side kick took a short ride to AA Central Office 80 W. Louise Ave. Upon arrival it was very obvious that this was not your normal quiet Saturday. It was barley 10:45 and fortunately for me I got the very last parking spot. Funny I don’t remember it being like that in the past.

After stopping to mark the telephone pole and the west tree Lucky headed for the front door with me bringing up the rear. As we entered we were greeted by a strange and unfamiliar sound. Noise, lots of it and laughter, loud laughter, coming from several places at once. Who were all these people I wondered silently as I took a quick inventory of what was going on. Two people were at the counter buying chips and books for their group from our volunteer Megan,  Charlie was in the library admiring his new wall and map for the  foreign language AA Big Books from around the world. Many thanks to Doug C. and Bob for the many hours they put in helping Charlie’s vision come to life. Did you know that every time World services publishes a new big book Charlie buys and donates one to Central Office. Because of his generosity any time someone needs a book in a published language your Central Office has the ability to accommodate them. They buy Charlie’s book and we simply replace it for the next person in need. Charlie’s vision is slightly larger than his wallet and he could use a little help moving it to the next level. Come check it out and if you think it’s cool he has a little donation can on the wall and would appreciate your help.

In our new committee, computer, boiler room (formally Ron’s Roost) I found Jonathon our computer, website and communication wizard hard at work hooking up dual monitors to one of our resurrected computers.(Jonathon was not making a lot of noise but I did see him smile once or twice.)  Also present were Christy R. and Shirley from Mike and Shirley fame. They were laughing and making noise. Sponsor, Sponsee stuff I think.

Continuing on into the meeting room I found two unknowns taking inventory of chips and drinking coffee and eating bagels. Just remembered I forgot breakfast and coffee in my haste to get to the Central Office. Oh yea what happened to Lucky?

Silly me he’s in the kitchen where else. When I got to the kitch-en it was plain to see he found a rookie and convinced them if he didn’t have a bagel with schmir he was going to perish on the spot. He ducked because he knew the jig was up and he was busted. I did manage to find him a dog cookie so he was somewhat happy. As is usually the case there was a hot pot of strong coffee and plenty of other stuff to get a good sugar/caffeine buzz going. I spent the next 3-4 hours enjoying coffee and good company, did a little housework, helped Charlie take his vision over the top, screwed up the cash register (sorry Tonuah), sat in on a couple of committee meet-ings and basically had a great time.

I left around 3:30 funny I thought we closed a 2:00 to go see my dad for a couple of hours and then came back a 6:00 for pot luck dinner and The All Groups Meeting at 7:00. This month is was sponsored by the Nomadic Lunch Group aka the bowling alley meeting. The food was good, the discussion panel was great and the attendance was the largest yet. Has your group signed up to sponsor a meeting yet. If not why not? Get involved have some fun join us.

I got to come back on Sunday to watch the playoffs even though my Packers and Christy’s Saints didn’t make the show. We will be here for the Superbowl also, so bring something and participate.

On Tuesday from 2-6:00 I get to volunteer again. Have you signed up with Betty H. for time to volunteer? Come down and see the changes. I think you too will feel the difference and like the changes. Central Office is not just a place to get a book and a chip anymore. It’s a place full of life and the AA spirit. Come answer the phones and help another alcoholic or get helped by an alcoholic. See you there.

Your Humble Servant
Nick R.
Central Office Chairman of the Board

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