Area 69 Fall Assembly Reports

For a complete Fall Assembly report ask your DCM or GSR.  If your group does not have either, visit to request the information directly or visit your district’s next GSR meeting.


From the delegate

Release dates for digital reader apps for the Big Book and 12 x 12

  • iPhone, iPad, etc – November 15th
  • Android – December 1st

Delay caused by extra diligence on the part of the GSO legal services


New pamphlets

  • AA for the Alcoholics with Special Needs
  • AA for the Native North American
  • Understanding Anonymity
  • AA Member – Medications & Other Drugs

In the first 6 months of 2011 AAWS distributed 904,368 pieces of AA literature, compared to 864,161 for the same period in 2010.

The Grapevine continues to struggle despite a recent survey that 96% of the fellowship likes the AA but only 4% subscribe.  The Grapevine is no long just “our meeting in print.”  The print format, as well as past issues is available online cheaper than the physical copy, and audio copies of portions of The Grapevine are available for download to subscribers of Grapevine Online and Grapevine Complete.

Soliciting suggestions for the theme, presentation and workshop topic for the 2013 General Service Conference, as well as a theme for the 2015 International Convention.


Meeting with sherriff’s office in District 8 to bring AA’s message to the Roosevelt/Vernal/Manila corrections facilities.

Public Information

Represented AA at recent USARA (Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness) events in cities all over the state.

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